An important message for our customers.

At Applebee, we’re still here to help.

As this extraordinary situation continues to evolve, we’re doing everything we can to support South African businesses and families, and provide the essential products and services you need.

At the same time, we’re responding quickly by changing what we do in our distribution centre, to keep our team members and customers safe.

Essential Deliveries and Collection

We are registered as an essential services provider in order to support your home office needs. We are operating during the lockdown and your orders will be delivered, on the proviso that you are providing an essential service, and what you are ordering is essential in order to provide your service. Otherwise, if you do not have this classification, we are still taking and processing orders, but delivery will happen after the lockdown ends.

Alternatively, if you wish to COLLECT from our warehouse, kindly mail us at or call 011 783-3355 to discuss the possibilities.

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