The dot painting technique is blowing up all over Pinterest and Instagram and it's only growing more and...
A range of economically priced plastic palettes in a variety of shapes.Suitable for all acrylic and water based paints and mediums.
Colour Shapers are an alternative to painting knives when working impasto. Use them to build brushstroke-free glaze layers or strokes...
Ideal for the artist looking for products that perform under rigorous use and provide rich, high quality results. L
 PRO Acrylic Paint is developed for students to artists that need PRO quality at outstanding value. 12ml tubes.
Contains high-quality watercolour paints in 12ml tubes that have vivid colour intensity, brilliant & transparent colours with superb light ...
Chromocryl Student Acrylic Paint 75ml
Chromacryl has set the benchmark for student acrylic paint since 1965. Chromacryl promotes the development of varied and...
Galeria Acrylic 60ml Paint Tubes - Winson & Newton
Galeria Acrylic are wonderfully affordable and yet impressive in their vibrancy and quality. Made with a high level...
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