Polyprop 13 Partitions - 13 Gusset Partitions with Index Tabs and Multi-coloured Label Inserts.
Comes with A-Z index & pockets for 96 Cards; Expandable to 192 Card Capacity. 4 Cards to View....
 Business Card Holder, A5 96 Card business card holder. Expandable to a maximum of 192 cards using the...
7 or 10 Compartment Moulded Plastic.. Fits into most Desk Drawers.
PVC Holders Available in Black, Blue, Red, Green, Burgundy and Clear
R 404.00
Bantex PVC heavy duty multi punched file pockets A4. Box of 100's.
R 421.00
Modern, functional design. High quality gloss finish moulded plastic trays to be stacked on a transparent plastic frame which permits...
R 177.50
R 218.95
R 129.00
R 97.00
R 404.00
R 421.00