Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen Gray

Pilot kaküno Fountain Pen Gray
Pilot kaküno Fountain Pen Gray
Pilot kaküno Fountain Pen Gray Nib

Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen Gray

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Simply the Best Choice for Your 1st Fountain Pen

Entry-Level Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen in Gray Finish

If you are looking to buy a beginner's or entry-level fountain pen in South Africa, look no further than the Pilot kakuno Fountain Pen.

The smiley face on the nib reminds you to write with the nib facing up, and the grip section is comfortable to hold and write with, having a perfectly-spaced bevelled hexagonal shape. The brightly-coloured cap is indented, making it comfortable to hold.

Although the smiley face and the kaküno name suggest that this pen is designed for kids, it's a perfect solution for a beginner of any age. Similarly, anyone will enjoy the simple, playful design, making it a practical, everyday pen.

The Pilot Kakuno is a great pen for any level of experience. The most beginning fountain pen user will enjoy its cool looks and ease of use, and the most experienced user will love the great nib and build quality. It’s an all-around great pen.

The smokey opaque grip allows one to see the ink level, and the grey barrel adds a level of sophistication.

The MEDIUM Nib is most appropriate for normal everyday use, as well as for beginners.

There is no clip on the pen.



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