Pelikan Pens

Pelikan is a German manufacturer of fountain pens and other writing, office and art equipment. Credited with the invention of the differential-piston filling method, the original company was founded in Hanover in 1832 before it went bankrupt and restarted.[4 Pelikan A.G. is now a Swiss incorporated subsidiary of Pelikan International.

The notable history of Pelikan began with the model "100" and the modified 100N (both fountain pens), which sparked the genesis of the company's distinctive styling.

Pelikan is notable for its lack of innovation in pen manufacturing, preserving the then innovative methods and styles of its founding company. Pelikan's newer lines of re-released pens have deviated very little except to vary the sizes and coatings. It still manufactures many pens using Cellulose Acetate, instead of the more modern plastics used by most other major pen makers.

Pelikan also makes entry-level fountain pens and fountain pens for school pupils, for example "Pelikano" and "Future,". The Griffix 'Learn to Write' system was released in 2009 and starts at a wax crayon up to a fountain pen with right and left handed grip profiles.

Pelikan also manufactures several grades of ink for use in fountain pens and dip pens.