The Story Behind Cross

It's the story of how Richard and his son Alonzo Townsend Cross would forever change the way the world puts ink to paper. The spirit of the Cross family still abounds, wherever entrepreneurship lives, when a vision comes to life, when teamwork builds something great, when an idea is born, plans made, verse perfected. The essence of Cross today, as it was in the beginning, lies in the doing: in seeking and finding, in the pursuit of greatness, unique to each individual, in making your mark.

A.T. Cross is America's oldest manufacturer of writing instruments. Established in Rhode Island in 1846 by Richard Cross and Edward W Bradbury, they originally created gold and silver casings for wooden pencils. Their first fountain pen appeared in 1889 and they called it the 'Peerless' because there were no peers to match it; it rapidly became an American classic. In 1953 they produced their first ballpoint pen, after eight years of perfecting the existing technology. They have since turned out a host of classic designs, many of which have remained in their catalogue for decades ‚Äď testament to their timeless popularity and their confidence in being able to offer a lifetime guarantee against mechanical failure. The Cross Townsend - first developed in the early 1990s - has become known as the 'Pen of U.S. Presidents', whilst the Queen is reputed to use a Cross Century. You can't get much better recommendation than that!

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Why Cross?

Cross has been an industry leader since 1846, and they're even the official pen supplier to The White House. Cross writing instruments, like fountain pens, rollerballs and ballpoints, are well-loved in South Africa and across the globe. First-rate craftsmanship, exquisite design features and smooth ink flow cement Cross pens as some of the finest on the market.

Cross Ballpoint Pens

A popular choice for everyday use, ball pens are incredibly reliable, as they have the longest refill life of any pen type with a simple twist-action.Cross Ballpoint Pens are available online at applebee pens and more in South Africa.

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Cross Rollerball Pens

The Cross Rollerball presents the experience of a liquid smooth writing line in the reliability of finely crafted Cross pen. If fountain pens have been too troublesome and ballpoints are leaving inconsistent hard to see lines, the rollerball is the perfect alternative. Convenient like a ballpoint and fluid like a fountain pen, the Cross rollerball is a cherished heirloom, ready to deliver decades of rich flowing signatures. Cross Rollerball Pens are available online at applebee pens and more in South Africa.

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Attention to Detail

No company has the longevity that A.T. Cross has achieved without delivering above and beyond their customers’ expectations. Jewellery-quality decoration, premium packaging, unparalleled customer service and the fastest lead times in the industry are the hallmarks of our organisation. What better way to make a lasting impression than with a product that is guaranteed for a lifetime?

Cross Fountain Pens


How a pen came to symbolise achievement, human potential, and usable luxury. It's a story that began in 1846 when Richard Cross, an English artisan, sailed to America and set about making ingenious writing instruments.

Since that day, Cross Fine Writing Instruments have been gifted for generations and guaranteed for life.

Those who give their Best deserve the Best.

Cross Fountain Pens are available online at applebee pens and more in South Africa.

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