Meticulously designed and finely engineered to deliver an unmatched writing experience

Welcome to Applebee South Africa, official stockists of Lamy. We'd like to invite you to dive into our world and discover our products and brand. Let us thrill you with our high-quality, beautifully designed writing instruments, their timeless modern aesthetic and perfect functionality.

Internationally renowned for their sophisticated, timeless design, LAMY writing instruments are part of a decades-old family tradition that prizes simplicity and durability, resulting in a range of pens, mechanical pencils, inks and paper that stands the test of time. Made in Germany since 1966, the meticulous design and construction process that goes into each LAMY product ensures a delightful and enduring writing experience that's anything but disposable.

Quality in every detail

LAMY makes almost every part of every pen in-house, with stringent quality control carried out by experienced staff to ensure that every LAMY product is of an exceptional quality.

Unparalleled Writing Instruments

Meticulously designed and finely engineered to deliver an unmatched writing experience

Made with care in Germany

The standard for quality and reliability

Lamy Ballpoint Pens

Combining LAMY's elegant pen design with convenient ink that writes on just about any bit of paper you can think of, a LAMY ballpoint pen will quickly become a constant companion that's always by your side.

Write anywhere

Convenient and beautifully crafted, a ballpoint pen is a stationery staple you can take wherever you go.

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Lamy Rollerball Pens

The gloriously smooth movement of a rollerball pen pairs beautifully with the finely balanced design that has made LAMY a household name. Generous with ink and incredibly comfortable, a LAMY rollerball pen feels like a natural extension of your hand.

Smooth as silk

Glossy, free-flowing rollerball ink delivers rich lines and sleek script.

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Lamy Fountain Pens

For Lovers of Fine Handwriting

With a 50 year history of exquisite design, each LAMY fountain pen feels beautiful in your hand, moving across the page with an unmistakable grace born from years of experience.

Unmistakable grace

With such impeccable nibs, LAMY fountain pens dance across the page

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Lamy Fountain Pen Inks

Ink befitting an exceptional pen

Specially engineered to complement their exceptional range of pens, LAMY ink offers easy refills for ballpoint, rollerball and fountain pens in an exquisite range of colours.

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Lamy Paper

LAMY Journals and Notebooks - A fitting home for Lamy's Pens

Designed to complement their exquisite range of pens, LAMY Paper notebooks are a perfect way to carry on the time-honoured tradition of handwriting.

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