Retro51 Pens

Always on the lookout for the latest or newest thing on the market, Retro merges the fashionable colours and designs of today with the vintage, quality ideals of "the good ol' days." Every Retro piece is designed with that nostalgic, early American dream and it could be best said that "We make 'em like they used to!"™


Retro 1951 was started in 1990 with a focus on producing unique gifts with an emphasis on fine writing instruments. This pen is not a pen but instead a vehicle to an end - a way of showing who you are. It's a perfect gift that will last for years and serve as a token of achievement or fond memories.

The Capless Rollerball Refill used on the Retro 51 Rollerball pens write super-smoothly and bold. It glides across the page. The knurled top for retracting the nib has become a trademarked look for Retro and synonymous with the tagline, THIS PEN WILL BLOW YOU AWAY!

Retro51 has introduced a Limited Range of Vintage Metalsmith Pens with an antique vintage feel in various finishes and designs including some breath-taking designs from The Smithsonian Institute Series.

Retro51 has introduced the first "Popper" series for 2021 and Applebee has stock in South Africa - THE HERALD.

This is a Limited Collectable NUMBERED Edition.

This Tornado Rollerball pays homage to the legacy of Retro 51 with exuberance to continue the mission into the future. Hidden surprises encircle the pen, yet the message is clear... Life is too short to carry an ugly pen! With this special release, you have been given the keys and agree to carry forth this message to the world. The Herald is limited to 1951 pieces, so make sure to secure this keystone design for your collection.

Pick up The Herald, a keystone design for your Retro 51 collection. They are limited to 1951 rollerballs with each design engraved with a limited-edition number. For the first time, a matching Rickshaw plush single pen sleeve is also available to store your Tornado to keep it in pristine condition. 

We have only two pieces left - serial numbers 16 and the 'lucky number '18 of 1951 units.


Lastly, (for now) Retro51 South Africa also has some amazing pieces from The Animal Rescue Series - The Buzz Honey Bee, Elephant and Rhino, Dog Rescue and Cat Rescue