Benu Briolette Luminous Neon Fountain Pen Medium Nib

Benu Briolette Luminous Neon Fountain Pen
Benu Briolette Luminous Neon  Pen
Benu Briolette Luminous Neon Fountain Pens
Benu Briolette Luminous Neon Fountain Pens Capped

Benu Briolette Luminous Neon Fountain Pen Medium Nib

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To highlight the visual appeal of the material, Benu created the models that have their entire body covered with long facets. Each cut gives the pens specific shapes that prevent them from rolling and enables the true colour and brilliance of the material to emerge. Each fine writing instrument will have a unique finish. 

This pen glows beautifully in a dark and semi-dark with a lime green colour after an hour exposure to light. Please accept variations in duration of glowing depending on exposure time to light, and the intensity of the light source. There are different light sources you can use for “charging” the pen to glow—natural sunlight, regular desk lamps, or LED lamps. Usually, LED lights produce a weaker glow compared to sunlight and traditional incandescent bulbs. However, avoid overheating especially when using incandescent lights and direct sunlight during “charging.” Long exposure to warm sources with strong overheating (over 50°C / 122°F) can degrade the quality of the resin.

This fountain pen comes with a Benu converter and one long blue ink cartridge. You can also convert it to eyedropper fill.

The resin body features neon green ends, purple in the middle, and large gold coloured sparkles. It has a s Schmidt #5 stainless steel nib, a black resin grip and accents, is clipless, and does not post. 

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