Benu Edelweiss Talisman Fountain Pen Medium nib

Benu Talisman Edelweiss Fountain Pen
Benu Edelweiss Talisman Fountain Pen Medium nib - Applebee
Benu Edelweiss Talisman Fountain Pen

Benu Edelweiss Talisman Fountain Pen Medium nib

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BENU is proud to introduce their marvelous new collection of pens, Talisman. This collection is inspired by great legends and the mystical beliefs that surround talismans, amulets, and other magical items used to bring luck, protection, money, love, or special abilities. Complemented by a matching section, band on the cap, and a shiny silver clip, this pen is an eye-catcher.

Whether you are an avid believer in the magical power of plants, stones, herbs, and crystals, or you remain skeptical to this mysterious and unknown world, there indeed lies a sprinkling of curiosity and intrigue within each of us. Believer or not, we can all admire the fabulous myths and ancient beliefs behind these good luck charms.

We invite you to step into this hypnotizing realm of folklore and see for yourself if there is any truth to be found beneath the fables. Who knows, perhaps this fascinating magic might make its way into our modern world!

Edelweiss is made of sparkling turquoise blue and deep black resin with silver glitter dispersed throughout. 

Inspiration and substance added to the material of the pen: Edelweiss

Magical attribution ascribed in myths: True Love and Bravery

Most people will recognize the word “edelweiss” from the famous 1965 musical romance, Sound of Music. However, this small, non-toxic noble plant, with its snow-white leaves and star-shaped inflorescence, is often associated with certain myths related to proving one’s worth and discovering true love. Also believed to contain magical powers, historically this unique flower was used as incense to drive away evil spirits from farms and homes. 

Drawing inspiration from certain tales of yore, we set out to convey these stories not only in the colour and style of each pen but by actually infusing Edelweiss’ dried petals into each pen’s material. 

This fountain pen comes with a Benu converter and one long blue ink cartridge. You can also convert it to eyedropper fill.

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