Benu Euphoria Bourbon Fountain Pen Broad Nib

BENU Euphoria Bourbon Fountain pen
BENU Euphoria Bourbon Fountain pen Uncapped
BENU Euphoria Bourbon Fountain
BENU Euphoria Bourbon Pen

Benu Euphoria Bourbon Fountain Pen Broad Nib

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BENU celebrates life with a collection of pens devoted to different sources of simple, hedonistic pleasures, such as favorite music, a beautiful scene, an exquisite cocktail, or a delicacy. Each pen is inspired by different things that bring us joy and add a great deal of colour to our everyday lives.

Introducing the latest edition to BENU’s Euphoria collection of pens – the Bourbon, inspired by the world-famous and widely beloved drink of the same name. Made from a warm honey shade with a hint of reddish-brown and plenty of sparkles, this pen perfectly conveys the play of ice in a glass of barrel-aged whiskey.

The Euphoria features facets and an ergonomic design for long periods of comfortable writing. This resin fountain pen features lots of gold sparkles throughout. It has a silver Schmidt #6 stainless steel nib, a black resin grip and accents, a silver clip, and pushes to post.

This fountain pen comes with a Benu converter and one long blue ink cartridge. You can also convert it to eyedropper fill.

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