Caran d'Ache Table Top Pencil Crank Sharpener

Caran d'Ache


Standard metal pencil sharpener, cardboard box/455.200

A beautiful object and time-tested tool. Precision and finesse for pencils with clean, precise lines. Heavy and Solid.

The manner in which a pencil is sharpened affects the drawing and writing quality.

A table sharpener sharpens soft and hard pencils carefully, consistently and effectively. The device contains a mill which rotates by turning a handle.The pencil lead and holder are therefore not"cut" ( as with a blade in a manual sharpener or knife), but milled.The mill removes very fine shavings from the material, as a result, the lead is less "injured" and is shaped more evenly than if cut with a blade.

Contents : Pencil sharpener, metal

Technical description :

  • Suitable for sharpening pencils and wax pastels measuring 8-12 mm in diameter, of all shapes.
  • Allows you to adjust the type of point.
  • Interchangeable Cutter
  • Developed in Switzerland.

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