Colorverse Delicious Sleep Ink (No. 81) - Joy in the Ordinary Series - 30 ml Bottle

Colorverse Delicious Sleep Ink Bottle and Box
Colorverse Delicious Sleep Ink Bottle

Colorverse Delicious Sleep Ink (No. 81) - Joy in the Ordinary Series - 30 ml Bottle

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Colorverse inks use premium quality materials for fountain pen inks that have vivid and pure colours. Their formula has exceptional solubility that works well in fountain pens.

Made from natural pigments and dyes of plant origin, the Colorverse inks are clean and safe. The smooth writing Colorverse inks allow you to feel the natural colors.

Made in Korea. Colorverse is created by a group of makers with years of know-how. The inks are treated for hydration and antibacterial properties, so they don't dry or deteriorate easily in pens. It is also designed to maintain the optimal pH balance of 7-8 (neutral). The ink writes smoothly in various kinds of pens and dries quickly on paper. 

The ink is made of globally recognised premium quality colourants. It is highly pure with vivid and clear colours. It also has exceptional solubility and great to use in premium fountain pens. Due to the use of plant-based ingredients, the inks are free from unpleasant chemical odours, such as alcohol. 

Colorize your universe with Colorverse inks from Korea. Inspired by space and time, Colorverse inks exhort you to "colourise your universe." But it's also important to slow down and appreciate the simpler things in life.

Colorverse's Joy in the Ordinary Series 6 inks are dedicated to everyday pleasures like a nice coffee break or taking your dog for a walk. Like the rest of the Colorverse lineup, they are carefully blended from high-purity raw materials, and their pH is optimized for a long shelf life.

This ink bottle comes with a card detailing the pH, RGB color code, and other information about all six Joy in the Ordinary inks. It also comes with a sheet of ink-themed stickers.

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