Diamine Shimmertastic Ink

Diamine Shimmertastic Ink

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  • Beautiful shimmering inks from the UK's most renowned ink manufacturer
  • A collection of shimmering inks each containing metallic particles that will make your writing shine.

    Diamine inks are some of the finest available and have been manufactured in England since 1864.

    These inks are the culmination of several years of tinkering by the ink experts at Diamine and as such are perfectly safe to use in any fountain pen, although we achieve best results with a Broad Nib.  50ml Glass Bottle.

  • Tropical Glow: Deep turquoise blue with silver shimmer
  • Moon Dust: Grey with silver shimmer
  • Caramel Sparkle: Orange-brown with golden shimmer
  • Fire Storm Red: Bright red with silver shimmer
  • Enchanted Ocean: Dark blue with silver shimmer
  • Blue Flame: Dark blue with golden shimmer
  • Golden Oasis: Green with golden shimmer
  • Lilac Satin: Purple-blue with silver shimmer
  • Magenta Flash: Deep magenta with silver shimmer
  • Shimmering Seas: Blue with golden shimmer
  • Blue Lightning: Light Blue with silver shimmer
  • Blue Pearl: Blue with silver shimmer
  • Brandy Dazzle: Brown with golden shimmer
  • Cocoa Shimmer: Dark brown with golden shimmer
  • Night Sky: Black with silver shimmer
  • Purple Pazzazz: Purple with golden shimmer
  • Sparkling Shadows: Grey with golden shimmer
  • Golden Sands: Yellow with golden shimmer
  • Inferno Orange: Fiery orange with golden shimmer
  • Magical Forest: Green with silver shimmer
  • Pink Glitz: Deep pink with golden shimmer
  • Red Lustre: Red with golden shimmer
  • Tropical Glow: Deep turquoise blue with silver shimmer
  • Arctic Blue is a bright, cool blue with a frosty silver shimmer. It also has a pinkish-red sheen.
  • Spearmint Diva is a bluish-green with silver shimmer. It’s similar to Tropical Glow from the same range, though the latter is more of a greenish-blue
  • Golden Ivy is a traditional deep green with, again, a reddish sheen, set off with gold shimmer. This would make a lovely Christmas ink.
  • Cobalt Jazz is a saturated cobalt blue with a red sheen and gold shimmer. This is a gorgeous colour that looks pretty spectacular.
  • Electric Pink. This is no cute Barbie pink. This is take-no-prisoners pink: it’s rich and saturated, with silver sparkle.
  • Citrus Ice is a warm, saturated orange with a contrasting cool silver sparkle.
  • Firefly is an orange-toned red with gold sparkle. Another festive ink..
  • Arabian Nights is a deep purple-black with silver shimmer. It’s probably the most usable of the inks for everyday writing. The shimmer is subtle and the dark ink is readable and utilitarian while retaining a lot of character.
  • Frosted Orchid is a slightly lighter purple ink with red tones and silver sparkle. 
  • The last of the new inks is Wine Divine. This is a lovely addition to Diamine’s already well-stocked wine cellar (with Merlot, Syrah, and Claret). The ink is a rich burgundy with gold shimmer.

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