Faber-Castell DESIGN UFO Perfect Pencil



Writing, sharpening, and erasing in one: that is what the Perfect Pencil provides. It is a point protector, pencil extender and sharpener holder in one. A sturdy clip keeps the pencil secure in your pocket. And we have not forgotten the eraser, which is at the end of the pencil and is guaranteed not to smear. So the pocket pencil offers everything one needs for writing, sketching, or making notes.
Do you love the good old fashioned pencil? Do you like to carry it around, perhaps in a shirt pocket, but find the lack of a clip frustrating? Then the Perfect Pencil is designed for you!
  • Aluminium extender with cap in UFO Design
  • Graphite pencil with B degree lead and high-quality eraser
  • Protected against lead breakage by the SV bonding process
  • Barrel colour: brown or black

Also available in the Graf Von Faber-Castell Collection in the Platinum Finish.

Replacement pencils with eraser on the end also available

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