Faber-Castell Loom Metallic Fountain Pen



Featuring a grip section with fine rings and a subtly curved form, LOOM writing implements are varied and fascinating. They are characterised by luminous colours and a puristic elegance. The modern trio, consisting of a twist ballpoint pen, rollerball pen and fountain pen, captivates with a conical shape and the high-contrast interplay of matt and gloss effects. "Metallic" will add a colourful highlight to your college writing pad or desk: apart from the matte grey of the barrel and grip part, the metallic gloss of  purple, orange, silver, white, blue and lime adds some pulsating luminosity. "Piano" embodies classical elegance and a fascinating lifestyle: the polished metal barrel sets off the vibrant colours, while the varnish adds a trendy gloss to this series.
  • Metal barrel, matte chrome plating
  • Embossed grooves on the grip for comfortable writing
  • Reversible cap
  • Spring-loaded clip
  • Stainless steel fountain pen available in line width M (medium), F (fine), EF (extra fine) and B (Broad).


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