Faber-Castell Mix & Match Gelatos



These Gelatos comes in a hard plastic tube that looks like a “chap stick” and are acid-free and odourless.  It glides on paper and canvas in a creamy vibrant splash of colour and blend beautifully with or without water.

You can use it for stamping, from applying colour directly to the stamp or laying some rich colour on paper and using a stamp to remove some of the colour.

The gelatos are perfect for layering techniques using stencils to add or remove colour.

Nothing on the market today compares with Design Memory Craft Gelatos®. Compact acid-free pigment sticks glide on creamy smooth for vibrant colour and coverage. All Gelatos® blend easily with or without water. Try this unique medium on paper, canvas, or wood!
  • Introducing the Designer series! Each Gelatos Colour is dedicated to the newest, hottest colour trends
  • Gelatos Colours are creamy sticks infused with brilliant colour. The colour glides easily onto paper and can then be dissolved with water to create watercolour effects or left to dry for vibrant bursts of color
  • Try stamping with the Gelatos or apply a wash of colour to your crafts! The acid-free and odorless Gelatos work beautifully on all types of surfaces including flocked paper, canvas and embellishments
  • These sets includes either, our two new tools: The Dot Dabber and The Stipple Brush
  • Dot Dabber - The perfect little tool for making uniform polka dots (also a good blending tool!)
  • Stipple Brush - Create cool splatter effects with this brush by loading it with wet Gelatos and flick or tap it to get speckles
Or, a water brush and Stamp.
Blister Packaging with 4 Colours.