Kaweco Special S 2.0 mm Clutch Pencil

Product Code: KWSKS-2M

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The sleek and compact design of the Kaweco Special AL Mini Lead Holder is a classy addition to the Kaweco series of aluminum writing instruments.

The octagonal black barrel utlizes a clutch system, allowing you to extend the 2.0 mm lead in small amounts with each click of the top knock button. Remove the top button to insert replacement lead inside the lead holder. Features the iconic silver Kaweco logo on the cap. 


Pencil dimensions: Approximately 4.1 inches (10.5 cm) long, and 0.4 inches (10 mm) in diameter.

No eraser at the back.

2.0 mm lead


Nice and short - will fit any pocket, with a good solid weight and balance, but surprisingly light.