Lamy 2000 Metal Fountain Pen



The newest addition to Lamy's Pen's flagship fountain pen series the Lamy 2000 Stainless Steel Fine Point fountain pen is engineered in a sleek matte stainless steel finish. The pen features a piston filled mechanism and therefore can only be used with bottled ink. It does however have a large capacity piston chamber for those long writing sessions with your new favorite fountain pen. The Lamy 2000 is so revered that it is on permanent display at the Museum of Modern Art and has won countless design awards. The Lamy 2000 Stainless Steel Fountain Pen features a 14 carat gold platinum coated nib.

Please note the Lamy 2000 Fountain Nib writes 1-2 sizes broader than a conventional size nib. So, if you are after a Medium Nib, order Fine, or preferably Extra Fine. If you want Broad, order a Fine. This particular nib drops a lot more ink than other nibs.

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