Lamy 2000 M Black Amber 50 Year Limited Anniversary Edition Fountain Pen

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The all-metal LAMY 2000 M black amber anniversary edition comes with a brushed surface and unique structure. Its characteristic colour is the result of an elaborate electroplating process whereby stainless steel and galvanic surface processing form a lasting combination. The high-quality finish has a pleasantly warm feel and, combined with the characteristic weight of the pen and 14 kt gold nib, creates a sensual writing experience. The hooded-nib is highly unusual.

Fountain pen with piston operated filling system for LAMY ink T 51 and T 52. 14 ct gold nib, platinum coated, hand polished. Stainless steel, matt brushed finish.

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Please note the Lamy 2000 Fountain Nib writes 1-2 sizes broader than a conventional size nib. So, the Medium Nib writes more like a Broad. This particular nib drops a lot more ink than other nibs.