Lamy Safari 2018 Limited Edition All Black Pen



Rumours have been going around for a while now and we’re delighted we are now able to share it. The Lamy Safari 2018 special edition is All Black.

It fits in the theme of the two previous years with Dark Lilac and Petrol. It is the same matte finish with black clip and nib.

The deep black is  much deeper in colour then the Umbra so it definitely differentiates.

Hope you like them. The pens are available for order now.

Available as Fountain Pen, Ballpoint Pen and Rollerball Pen. Choose the Medium Nib when purchasing the Rollerball or Ballpoint Pen.

This 2018 special edition LAMY Safari All Black pen has an all matte black body and black trim, and the fountain pen has a black steel nib.

This is not the first black Safari pen Lamy have produced but it is the first matt black, actually it's the same textured surface as last year's Petrol Blue; 2016's Dark Lilac and of course Umbra.  All black is different however having everything black; black nib, black barrel, black cap and black clip.  The fountain pen is available in all usual nib sizes including extra fine, fine, medium and broad.  

This latest Lamy special edition will carry all the usual characteristics the Safari users, of which there are many, have come to love and as always this pen will be in limited supply so only available while stocks last.  

Every year Lamy releases a Limited Edition Lamy Safari in a brand new colour. Once the year is over Lamy stops production of this colour and then when the remaining stock is gone . . . It’s gone forever. The Safari in All Black has become a collectors’ item due to it’s inevitable rarity.

There’s also a window in the barrel of the fountain pen– a nice touch, allowing the user to check how much ink is left at a glance.

Another benefit the Lamy Safari offers is interchangeable nibs. It’s available in nib sizes ranging from EF to B, as well as italic nibs from 1.1mm to 1.9mm. If you have multiple Safaris, you can easily swap nibs between them.


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