Pre-Loved Montblanc Extreme 2.0 2-Pen Pouch

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With its bold black colour, plain Italian leather inside and Italian leather with carbon-fibre print motif outside, the 2 Pen Pouch is the ideal companion for office life. It protects your writing instrument with a young and urban look.

Dimensions 75 x 20 x 160 mm.

Split calfskin, chrome-tanned, dyed-through, plain and with carbon fibre print.

Four Pieces are available.

These are Pre-Loved Products. No box, no guarantee, no papers.

Two pieces available. One has the box and booklet, the second one has neither, however, it is brand-spanking new and has never been used and is definitely original and legitimately purchased from a collector.

In the same condition as when purchased.

Pre-Loved Montblanc Extreme 2.0 2-Pen Pouch