Noodler's Baystate Cape Cod Cranberry Fountain Pen Ink Bottle, 87ml


Noodler's Baystate Cape Cod Cranberry Fountain Pen Ink Bottle, 87ml

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Noodler's inks are known for their affordability, wide range of colours, and good performance on more absorbent papers that do not normally fountain pen friendly. They are also known for their distinctive label art, featuring unique drawings that often reflect their creator's strongly held political and economic ideals. Dedicated to keeping prices as low as possible, Noodler's uses simple bottles and packaging, with boxes made of recycled paper. All Noodler's inks are 100% made in the USA.

The Noodler's Baystate inks are slightly different formulas than conventional fountain pen inks. They are designed to be more vibrant than other inks and have a slightly basic pH level, and as a result, they are prone to staining and should not be mixed with other non-Baystate inks. If staining should occur, a solution of 10% household bleach and 90% distilled water should help. If you have any particularly rare or valuable pens, you may want to avoid using Baystate inks in them. Otherwise, allocate one specific pen to this colour exclusively - it's worth it!

This is a very bright and popping pink colour that is quite hard to capture on camera. It can be described as a hot bubblegum colour but slightly darker. It’s rare to find a pink that jumps right off the page like this one.

The colour is billed as “bulletproof” which is Noodler’s term for water-resistant. 

This ink is part of Noodler's Baystate series of intensely vivid inks, inspired by a 1940s recreation of inks used in colonial Boston.

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