Noodler's Clear Demo Konrad Flex Fountain Pen

Konrad Flex Pen

Noodler's Clear Demo Konrad Flex Fountain Pen

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The latest evolution in flex pen design the Konrad. The Konrad is medium-sized and made of a celluloid derivative (eco-friendly). Features a flexible steel nib and a twist piston mechanism with a blind cap. The pen is ideal for all pen users because the flexible nib allows writing to be standard or artistic.

The Noodler's Konrad flex pen is smaller than the Ahab, but larger than the Nib Creaper. This clear fountain pen features a steel flexible nib and a twist piston mechanism with a blind cap. The Konrad is made of a celluloid derivative and is technically biodegradable and formed from a "renewable resource". The vegetal resin body of this pen may show particles or striations within the material. This is most noticeable in demonstrators and bright colours.

The Noodler's flex pens were designed for the hands-on tinkerer - they are made to be taken apart and adjusted. The nib and feed pull right out and can be adjusted and heat set for optimal performance. Don't be afraid to get a little ink on your fingers while you learn how to use this pen.

As a simple rule of thumb for writing with a flex pen, just apply slight pressure on your downstrokes, which will spread the tines and increase the line width, achieving that optimal line variation. Make sure to go slowly so that the ink can keep up with your writing. As with any flex pen, it just takes practice!

Due to the residual machining oils used when cutting the feeds for these pens, we highly encourage you to give the pen a good flush before use. We recommend any of the following options: distilled water, water with a touch of dish soap, a pre-packaged pen flush, or a solution of 10% clear ammonia to water. This should resolve most ink flow issues!

While these nibs are #6 size, these Konrad pens do not accept other brands of nibs due to the shape of the interior grip.

The Noodler's Konrad Flex is a traditionally styled piston fill fountain pen that can only be filled with bottled ink. It features a flex nib with a range of around 0.8mm to 2.0mm.

The styling has a striking resemblance to a 1950s Pelikan 400 but with chrome trim. It's a model which has proved to be very popular because of its quality and amazing price.

PLEASE NOTE: Noodler's Konrad pens no longer come in a gift box.


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