Noodler's Aircorp Blue Black Fountain Pen Ink 87 ml

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Air-Corp is a dark teal-ish blue-black.
This ink was created by Noodler’s to commemorate a really fascinating piece of history, the Flying Tigers. Before the US officially entered World War II, a squadron of American volunteers joined the Chinese Air Force to fight in the Sino-Japanese war. Their colours were somewhat close to this ink- an almost black green-blue.

Air Corp is slow to dry, so it’s not recommended for left-handed writers, but once it is fully dry it does have excellent water resistance. In our testing, it out-performed almost all other blue-black inks in terms of how it held up to water.

This is a truly fascinating ink. The ability to see so many colours in one ink (blue, black, or green) is incredibly striking. This is going to be ink that changes drastically with the paper and nib size. It might look lighter or darker, bluer, greener, or more black! Depending on how serious your work place is, this could be a good ink to use at the office.