Noodler's Ink Baystate Blue 87ml

Bottled Ink
Noodler's SKU: 19048
Noodler's Ink Baystate Blue 87ml

Noodler's Ink Baystate Blue 87ml

Bottled Ink
Noodler's SKU: 19048

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"Holy cats, that's blue." It is not a subtle ink. Rather, it is an electric cobalt blue that positively jumps off the page. It's highly saturated, as many Noodler's inks tend to be, and it exhibits no shading. It simply lays down a solid, bright, blue line.

Noodler's Baystate Blue really is an incredible colour -- possibly the brightest, most intense blue writing ink we've ever seen. That said, it leaves a MEAN stain on everything it touches except glass: everything from plastic pen parts to your fingertips to the sink you cleaned your pen in. 

This ink is notorious for staining nearly everything it comes in contact with or anything that gives it a sideways glance. Unless you want everything it touches to be a permanent shade of purplish-blue, you’ll want to be very careful about filling your pens and where you rinse them out


Although this ink is not resistant to bleach, it is waterproof and is notoriously difficult to wash off your hands, clothing and the inside of your pen. Please do note that you may have to have one pen dedicated to being used with this ink.

NB - this ink should only be mixed with other Noodler's Baystate inks.

Baystate Blue can stain the inside and outside of pens. We recommend that you do not use Baystate Blue in, particularly expensive or favourite pens. It can be removed from pens by soaking in a water/bleach solution.

Bulletproof once dry.

If you can get past the problems in staining and are willing to risk the possibility of this ink staining anything it touches, this is an awesome blue ink. Unfortunately, it does not perform well on cheap paper and was hit or miss on many mid-range and premium papers. It’s very water-resistant and will protect your signature from forgers. Otherwise, if you like blue ink, this will definitely stand above many other blue inks! 

    The glass bottles are simple and affordable and the cardboard boxes are recycled.


      • Barcode: 019001190481
      • Material: Glass
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