Noodler's Ink Black Swan In English Roses 87ml


Noodler's Ink Black Swan In English Roses 87ml

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Black Swan in English Roses is a burgundy ink - Similar to Black Swan in Australian Roses but with red undertones often showing as a dark magenta red.

Partially Bulletproof, Forgery Resistant and Partially Waterproof in 3oz bottle

The two-part name is suggestive of the two-tones shading properties. The darker tones, where the ink characteristically pools whilst writing with fountain pen ink, represent the 'black swan' and the lighter tones of plummy pink represent the 'English roses'.

This ink is designed to go well with flexible nibs, such as in the Noodler's Ahab, where the flexible nature of the writing will show off the two-toned abilities of the ink.

Please note the below information:

Noodlers 'Bulletproof' ink designed for use in fountain pens for writing and not for watercolour washes. The top layer of the ink will be removed if you try to smudge it with a wet finger or a wet brush - we have a blog above which has a test of 7 Black inks and has a video showing any surface runoff from this and 6 other inks.

The ink which is in direct contact with the paper will be permanent (due to a chemical reaction between the ink and paper) but any excess ink will be removed with water (call it 'ink-on-ink', rather than 'ink-on-paper if you will). This is why the ink is removable from hands, plastic, fabric, etc whereas traditional permanent ink will not be and why Noodler's will not stain or damage your pen as old fashioned Iron Gall Inks may.

This is a beautiful burgundy ink with deep black shading. When used in a flex pen, this ink will show the "black swan" effect—a core of vivid colour with black shading at the edges of the lines. Dabbing the ink on a paper towel reveals the duality of the ink, showing a black core surrounded by a flower of red, like a black swan nestled among roses.

Special Properties:


  • Partially Bulletproof: Some of the colours of this ink may run or fade if exposed to water, solvents, or UV light, but a Bulletproof core colour will remain unaffected and perfectly legible.
  • Forgery Resistant: This ink is resistant to lasers, alcohols, and solvents used by forgers and check-washers.

The glass bottles are simple and affordable and the cardboard boxes are recycled.

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