Noodler's Ink Heart of Darkness 133 ml Eyedropper & Free Pen


Noodler's Ink Heart of Darkness 133 ml Eyedropper & Free Pen

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It's a deep, deep black.  This ink is black like a moonless night in the African jungle. The "Heart of Darkness" conjures up alluring yet terrifying visions in my mind of being lost in an imperceptibly dense and living jungle labyrinth.

    This ink comes with a free "Charlie" eyedropper pen, which can be filled using the eyedropper built into the bottle's cap. The colour and pattern of the cap may vary from the pen pictured.

    Noodler's Heart of Darkness is a popular permanent black fountain pen ink. This ink is popular for its very dark colour and performance on absorbent paper, particularly its ability to resist bleed-through and feathering. If you don't have a say in the quality of the paper you use, this ink is one of the best for you. Noodler's inks are handcrafted, so there may be slight colour variations from batch to batch.


     This ink comes in a 4.5 ml glass eyedropper bottle.

    • Glass Noodler's ink bottles are filled to the brim with ink. Be careful when opening to avoid spilling.
    Named for the classic novel that inspired the movie Apocalypse Now, Heart of Darkness is a slightly darker and faster-drying alternative to the standard Noodler's Black ink.
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