Noodler's Ink Polar Brown 133 ml Eyedropper & Free Pen


Noodler's Ink Polar Brown 133 ml Eyedropper & Free Pen

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4.5 oz bottle of Noodler's Polar Brown Fountain pen ink. This bottle has a built-in eyedropper. Comes with a free Noodler's "Charlie" eyedropper fountain pen. Noodler's inks are handcrafted, so there may be slight color variations from batch to batch.

The Noodler's Polar range of inks has been especially formulated to keep fountain pens flowing smoothly under below zero weather conditions. As denoted by the polar bear and catfish on the label for these inks, the polar inks can handle the coldest conditions in North America and Scandinavia. The bottle can be left in the mailbox on cold mornings without fear of the contents freezing solid and bursting the glass.
The polar range of inks are also "eternal" (in Noodler's Ink terminology). Noodler's eternal inks are water, bleach and light proof. They are highly resistant to fraud due to its permanent qualities. Ideal for professionals and artists who need their lines to be "bulletproof".

    This ink comes in a 4.5 ml glass eyedropper bottle.

    • Glass Noodler's ink bottles are filled to the brim with ink. Be careful when opening to avoid spilling.
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