Noodler's Ink X-Feather Black 87ml

Bottled Ink
Noodler's SKU: 19046
Noodler's Ink X-Feather Black 87ml
Noodler's Ink X-Feather Black 87ml

Noodler's Ink X-Feather Black 87ml

Bottled Ink
Noodler's SKU: 19046

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Product Info

This ink is designed not to feather on most papers.
X-Feather (sometimes called Anti-Feather) is a bulletproof black ink that behaves a little better on lesser quality papers (reduced feathering).

a brilliant, well-behaved black ink that is surprisingly resistant to feathering.

At first glance, this is just an ordinary black ink that you might have a hard time telling apart from other Noodler's black inks (or other black inks of any brand). It's a rich black, it's well-lubricated (maybe a tad dry) ink, and dries pretty quickly.

X-Feather was designed for people who use absorbent paper and care more about feather resistance than drying time. It even resists feathering on very absorbent recycled paper! It is thicker than the standard Noodler's Black ink and takes longer to dry. In addition to improving feather resistance, this thicker formula also makes X-Feather a great choice for achieving solid, non-shading lines with flexible and italic calligraphy pens.

Special Properties:

 Bulletproof: This ink is water-resistant on cellulose-based papers and resists all known tools of forgers, including UV light, bleach, alcohol, and other solvents. This ink may still be vulnerable to smearing when exposed to water.

  • Eternal: Made to resist the effects of time, this ink is archival, fade-resistant, and unaffected by humid or acidic conditions.

Bulletproof once dry. 

Please note the below information:

Noodlers 'Bulletproof' ink designed for use in fountain pens for writing and not for watercolour washes. The top layer of the ink will be removed if you try to smudge it with a wet finger or a wet brush - we have a blog above which has a test of 7 Black inks and has a video showing any surface runoff from this and 6 other inks.

The ink which is in direct contact with the paper will be permanent (due to a chemical reaction between the ink and paper) but any excess ink will be removed with water (call it 'ink-on-ink', rather than 'ink-on-paper if you will). This is why the ink is removable from hands, plastic, fabric, etc whereas traditional permanent ink will not be and why Noodler's will not stain or damage your pen as old fashioned Iron Gall Inks may.

N.B - The bottles are VERY full, so be careful when opening them!


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