Noodler's Kiowa Pecan Fountain Pen Ink Bottle, 87ml


Noodler's Kiowa Pecan Fountain Pen Ink Bottle, 87ml

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Noodler's inks are known for their affordability, wide range of colours, and good performance on more absorbent papers that do not normally fountain pen friendly. They are also known for their distinctive label art, featuring unique drawings that often reflect their creator's strongly held political and economic ideals. Dedicated to keeping prices as low as possible, Noodler's uses simple bottles and packaging, with boxes made of recycled paper. All Noodler's inks are 100% made in the USA.

  • Glass Noodler's ink bottles are filled to the brim with ink. If you receive this ink in a glass bottle, be careful when opening it to avoid spilling.
  • Because Noodler's inks are hand made in small batches, the colours can vary slightly from one bottle to another.

Kiowa Pecan is a lovely golden brown ink. Many ink brands have brown ink, but the golden browns are much rarer. 

The ink shades well dries fairly fast and is quite water-resistant, but not waterproof. On Tomoe River the shading is wonderful. I can only imagine what calligraphic beauty flex nib lovers can create with this ink. No staining on the converter at all but because the ink is mostly waterproof, you do need extra effort to fully clean the feed.

It also behaves itself. You'll see a little ghosting on cheaper papers, but it doesn't bleed, and it doesn't spread or feather. It has excellent characteristics for a shading ink, since so many of them tend to be super wet and bleed into whatever paper you use.

Definitely a good ink to have in your repertory if the colour is to your fancy.

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