Pelikan Majesty R7000 Pre-Loved Rollerball Pen

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Simply majestic - the only way to describe the R7000 Majesty Rollerball Pen, Pelikan's brilliant masterpiece. Royality has never looked so good. Just the choice of materials promises a rollerball pen fit for a king.

The Pelikan R7000 Majesty roller ball pen is crafted in platinum-plated, 925 sterling silver with gold plated accents. The crowning glory of the Majesty Rollerball is the remarkable Pelikan frieze artistically diamond chased into the cap, depicting original details from the stone frieze on the wall of the historic Pelikan headquarters in Hanover, Germany. The past and present elements of the company's history have come together in this superior writing instrument!

The elaborately fluted, platinum plated barrel on this rollerball, perfectly offsets the golden frieze, sprung clip and cap ring. The Majesty R7000 is not only royal in appearance - the writing technology is the finest Pelikan has to offer. Witness this pen in action every time the capped rollerball glides across paper with eloquence and ease. Each Pelikan Majesty R7000 rollerball is offered in an exclusive case, making a very special writing experience worthy of your royal hand.

Pelikan Majesty R7000 Rollerball Pen Features

  • Crafted in platinum-plated, 925 sterling silver with gold plated accents
  • Frieze diamond-chased into the cap resembles the stone frieze at the Pelikan headquarters in Germany
  • Elaborately fluted, platinum-plated barrel offsets gold frieze, sprung clip and cap ring
  • The finest writing technology Pelikan has to offer with a capped design
  • Offered in an exclusive highly-presentable gift case    This Pen is actually NOT Pre-Loved, it has been on our back shelf in the store for a few years, and is Brand-New and Unused. It just has two tiny scratches on the fluted section of the barrel. Barely visible, but we felt we shouldn't sell it as new. The box is magnificent.