Pilot Capless Kasuri Vanishing Point FOUNTAIN PEN



The popular Pilot Capless a.k.a. Vanishing Point series combines the elegance of the famous retractable fountain pen in a contemporary style, operating like a ballpoint and most of all at a very attractive price. Each pen is equipped with a solid gold nib, and utilises a ballpoint-type push mechanism that allows the pen to be ready to write with just one easy click. Reliable, convenient push-button retract mechanism was first developed in 1964, and has been continuously refined ever since. The Pilot Capless series is renowned for the high quality of the solid gold nib, consistent & reliable ink flow as much as for the unusual and innovative retract mechanism that neatly seals the nib behind a shutter flab system preventing the nib from drying.
It is cartridge or converter filled. It accepts Pilot IC-50 cartridges or if you wish fill from an ink bottle using the supplied converter. Medium Nib. The clip sits at the same end as the retractable nib, effectively forming a comfortable grip.

Pilot Capless Kasuri  Rhodium Trim Fountain Pen a.k.a Carbonesque in Europe due to the similarity of a carbon-fibre finished. This finish is actually known as the Kasuri in Japan. Kasuri is a Japanese word for fabric that has been woven with fibres dyed specifically to create patterns and images in the fabric. It is an ikat (resist-dyeing) technique. The patterns are characterized by a blurred or brushed appearance which is reflected in this pen.


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