Pilot MIDRANGE (MR) Fountain Pen

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Known in International Markets as the METROPOLITAN.

We love the Pilot Midrange Fountain Pen, and it’s not just us—nearly everyone who tries it is impressed by the smoothness of its nib, its quality construction, its looks, and its accessible price point. The Pilot Metropolitan consistently tops best beginner fountain pen lists, but experienced fountain pen users also appreciate it as a reliable pen that’s easy to replace if lost but fancy enough for formal occasions. It’s also a genuine pleasure to use.

The Pilot Midrange is the complete package. Handsome, well made, and surprisingly affordable, every member of the Pilot Midrange series is just as at home in the boardroom as it is as a knock-around everyday writer.

Available in a MEDIUM Nib Size.

Uses the Universal Ink Cartridge (sometimes termed the International Cartridge) or the Pilot IC-DIN Cartridge.