Pilot MR Fountain Pen (Mid Range)

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Pilot MR Fountain Pen originally in silver or black. Either a matt silver barrel with contrasting centre section featuring a subtle dot pattern, and chrome trim, or a carbon-fibre black middle section and contrasting matt black barrel and cap. Upper barrel and cap are metal, grip section is ABS plastic. Simple cigar-shaped profile is sleek and elegant. Stainless-steel nib, available as medium point only.

And now introducing the Retro Pop Colours and Designs!

With its colourful pop design, the new Pilot MR Retro Pop Collection is a song of joy!

Ideal for striking out monotony and gray skies, Pilot MR Retro Pop Collection brings you a supercharged touch of elegance. It writes life as a happy story while unleashing your good humour.

The perfect gift, or beautiful object as a nice treat for yourself, the Pilot MR pen meets every day with style. Its center ring comes in 6 pop designs, and as many colours, to vary your pleasure… In a word, it’s a great way for you to be Happywriting!

Pilot owns the Namiki brand, so they have well over 90 years' experience in fountain pens and nibs.

Dimensions: 139mm long closed, 126mm open, 153mm posted. Diameter 13mm, weight 24g.

Uses international standard cartridges.

Supplied in a smart giftbox.

Pilot MR Fountain Pen (Mid Range)