Pilot Vanishing Point Capless Fountain Pen Silver

Pilot Capless Vanishing Point Silver Fountain Pen

Pilot Vanishing Point Capless Fountain Pen Silver

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A revolutionary pen that features a retractable fountain tip. It incorporates an innovative design and uses advanced technology to constantly keep the nib in optimal writing condition. Incorporates 18K Gold Trimmings, refillable with black or blue ink, supplied with a black refill. Medium Size Nib.

In 1964 Pilot's engineers created many new products to celebrate the Tokyo Olympics.  The greatest of their achievements was the Pilot Capless fountain pen.  Known as the Vanishing Point in the US, the Capless is 'the perfect combination of luxury and technology.  A simple push-button withdraws the nib into the body, closing an air-tight seal behind it to prevent it from drying out.  The Capless can be used with ink cartridges but is also supplied with a converter to allow the use of bottled ink.  Available in a wide range of finishes, including the prestigious Namiki Raden, and all come supplied in a luxury gift box.  

A note on nibs: Japanese 'medium' nibs are generally considered to be finer than European medium nibs, however, in recent years the Capless medium nib has moved in line with European medium nibs. 

Pilot is well known for their fine pens and is considered by aficionados to be of exceedingly high quality.  Pilot-Namiki nibs are held in the same esteem as Pelikan, Waterman and other high-end manufacturers.  Our many customers for this pen attest to the supreme quality of writing and the high level of practicality offered.

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