Platinum Plaisir Fountain Pen Bali Citrus F

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With the anodised finish, the surface of the Platinum Plaisir body has a hard shell that is difficult to damage, it also creates a beautiful shine. The innovative cap prevents the ink from drying out and contains a unique “Slip and Seal” mechanism which prevents the ink from clogging, even if the pen goes un-used for a year.

The 2018 Special Edition Platinum Plaisir Bali Citrus fountain pen features a cap which prevents ink from drying, enabling smooth writing even after no use for a whole year. The outside body is made of aluminium and has a special matte finish.

The Plaisir series is characterized by its colouring properties with a depth of the aluminium body.

This fountain pen has a yellow/green purple barrel and cap, silver trim, a stainless steel nib, and accepts proprietary Platinum cartridges