Pre-Loved Montblanc Bohème Bleu Ballpoint Pen

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R 8,000.00 R 5,000.00 5,000.00

 Ballpoint Pen with Twist Mechanism
- Black Precious Resin, Platinum Plated Fittings, Inlaid with Montblanc Emblem
- Platinum Plated Clip Set with Synthetic Sapphire-Coloured Gemstone
- Three Platinum Plated Rings Embossed with Montblanc Brand Name
- Guaranteed Authentic with Montblanc Booklet unstamped (has a greater value)
- Manufacturer Box

Individual Serial Number

A lovely shorter ballpoint pen (11cm), ideal for a shirt pocket or purse.

This is a Pre-Loved Pen but has never been used. In the same condition as brand new. Absolutely perfect! Bought from a Client who was gifted this item, but he has a preference to Fountain Pens, so it has remained unused.