Rosewood Cove Pen Tray

Rosewood Cove Pen Tray
Cove Pen Tray in Rosewood
PenSmithy Rosewood Cove Pen Tray
Cove Pen Tray Rosewood
Cove Pen Tray Rosewood

Rosewood Cove Pen Tray

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A beautiful piece of Rosewood hand-crafted into a functional pen stand.

Understated but classy.

This tray can accommodate up to three pens, although a single pen makes a stimulating visual impact.

Each piece of wood is unique so pattern variations are normal and colours are slightly different. Varnished to a rich finish, the unique patterns on each piece are beautiful to look at. 

This pen tray will enhance any studio, desk, workstation or study. A convenient quality attractive tray to ensure your pens are always at hand and you know exactly where they live, plus they can't roll off your desk or be misplaced amongst a pile of documents.

Show your fine writing instruments the proper respect they deserve by choosing a unique rosewood pen tray to place them upon.

A unique piece designed exclusively by PenSmithy (our sister company) for Applebee Pens.

Size:  7cm x 18,2cm x 2cm high.

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