Sailor Professional Gear Orange Fountain Pen




The Professional Gear is for anyone who enjoys writing with a fine instrument. Measuring 12,7 cm long capped with a barrel diameter of 12,5 cm and weighing in at 24.5 grams, this pen is just slightly heavier than the Sailor 1911 series.version of the Sailor ProGear  fountain pen, with 21k gold nib (M) with rhodium accent.

Solid color pens such as this Orange with Rhodium Trim add colour and variety to the popular and reliable line of Sailor Professional Gear cartridge-converter pens. The classic tones of these solid colour pens harken back to the golden age of fountain pens in the 1920's. Orange of this color comes close to the "red hard rubber" of the earliest Parker Big Red fountain pen. As restrained as an orange colour can be it will put a glow in your pocket. 

Please note that Sailor nibs are finer than on most European-made pens. Therefore, if you want a fine point order a medium etc.

This one has a Medium Point.

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