TWSBI ECO Cement Grey Fountain Pen

TWSBI ECO Cement Grey Fountain Pen
TWSBI ECO Cement Grey Fountain Pen Uncapped
TWSBI ECO Cement Grey Fountain Pen Posted
TWSBI ECO Cement Grey Fountain Pen Capped

TWSBI ECO Cement Grey Fountain Pen

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The TWSBI ECO Fountain Pen has become a staple for many fountain pen users since it first became available in 2015. ECO is short for “Economical”, and this pen is a prime example of value for money. TWSBI took input from the fountain pen community, specifically to create an affordable pen with premium performance and features. The result is a simple, yet extremely effective workhorse pen that’s great for not only beginners but more experienced users too.

With a perfectly cylindrical, clear body, and a distinctive hexagonal cap and piston knob, this pen has an unmistakable design. The grey accents make this a very versatile pen.

As a piston filler, it has a truly massive ink capacity. This pen will keep writing for pages on end, especially with a finer nib. The piston filler may seem intimidating to those unfamiliar, but it is as easy to use as a converter. Simply dip it into the ink and turn the knob.

It fits comfortably in the hand, and it posts securely and comfortably.

TWSBI encourages user maintenance, with the ECO being easy to take apart, clean, and put back together.

The pen comes in a plastic gift box with instructions in addition to a plastic wrench and silicone grease.

Comes in EF, F, M, B, Stub1.1 nib choices
Colours: Clear/Turquoise 

Pen cap is able to post onto the back of the pen

Piston Filler Fountain pen.
Simply unscrew the end cap, dip into ink, screw back the end cap, and your done! Ready to write!!

Pen cap has an inner cap to insure a perfect seal when stored away. 
Made for the beginner who just wants to try out fountain pens, all the way to the experts. A good everyday worker.

Please note: Ink is NOT included

A quick no brainer guide in choosing nib sizes in an overly complicated fountain pen world:

If you write small, go with an EF
For the normal writer, F is the most popular
If you tend to lean on a bigger font, M will be perfect
B is for statements!! Sign a check in B, write a header in B, do some colouring/shading in B
Stub nibs are italic in writing style (have a special card or invitation to write?)

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