TWSBI Precision Retractable Pipe Pencil and click eraser

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Solid metal construction on all inner tubing and outer body. 
Super long eraser, never before seen!! You'll never run out! 

TWSBI have been manufacturing mechanical pencils for more than 20 years.
The Precision comes in:
2 colours: black and matte silver
2 lead sizes: 0.5mm and 0.7mm, 
2 tip mechanisms: fix pipe and retractable pipe. This one is a retractable pipe, in better English, it simply means the very tip through which the lead protrudes, is retractable and so retracts into the body, protecting the point and one's shirt pocket.
Solid metal construction inside tubing and outer body. Super long eraser! 
The barrel is heavy and well balanced, with a hexagonal shape - similar in look and feel to the original Rotring Pencil.
Architects, Draughtsmen and Accountants will simply love this pencil!
The packaging is unique and very interesting :
it comes in a buff coloured brown box which looks very recyclable  and 'Earthy".
Included is a tube of leads, and a separate container of 3 extra-long eraser refills.