Newsletter 8th October 2020 - Applebee Pens

Welcome from all the pen addicts at Applebee Pens to all our pen enthusiasts!

We have quite a lot of news and new products to showcase, so I will jump right in. 

New Products


We recently received two new additions to the TWSBI Fountain Pen range: the Diamond 580ALR Punch Pink in all the nib sizes - a magnificent colour with tasteful fittings

and the more-economical ECO Cement Grey in Extra Fine, Fine and Medium - excellent value for money.

Furthermore, we managed to secure a second shipment of the Diamond 580ALR Prussian Blue, but pre-orders took up all the Stub 1,1mm,  Fine and Medium Nibs. We therefore only have Extra Fine and Broad left.The above models are all Special Limited Editions, so we only have small quantities left.


Tombow have made available the functional Airpress Ballpoint Pen, an engineering masterpiece in an everyday ballpen.Using a pressurised refill, each time the click button is pressed, the mechanism compresses the air and forces ink in the cartridge to give up to 150 metres of writing. Write overhead, on wet paper or in damp conditions, up to below 5 degrees Celcius, even upside down.

The pocket clip works in an ingenious way, functioning as a large paper clip as well - useful out in the field. The grip is designed in such a way that one can write even when wearing thick gloves, so this utensil is ideal in industrial/mining/building and manufacturing fields.In fact, some are being used right now in Antarctica on the SANAE IV expedition.


We have the new HEXO range of Ballpoint, Rollerball and Fountain Pens in Black, Rose and Silver. Made from lightweight aluminium with its hexagonal shape and feel, this writing, sketching and draughting tool brings new perspectives into creativity. As an added bonus, the price is reasonable too.Dot Art Painting

This new craze is spreading like wildfire!

We now have a starter pack for beginners and intermediate artists which contains everything necessary to get up and going in no time. Included is an instructional video guide which will help you to achieve the same results shown on Instagram and Pinterest.




The delicious-looking Lamy safari candy Fountain, Ballpoint and Rollerball Pens are moving swiftly. Being a Limited, Special Edition, we will not be able to re-order once stocks run out. Still available in mango, aquamarine and violet, the clips match the rest of the pens, making these pieces both unique and beautiful. We also have a few bottles of the Mango Fountain Pen Ink still available as well as mango Ink Cartridges, once these are gone, they are gone....

 Caran d'Ache Notebooks

With Moleskine and Rhodia Notebooks in such short-supply, we now have Caran d'Ache Canvas-covered A5 Notebooks with Warm White 100g Lined Paper, in four lovely colours.

Paying homage to Swiss tradition, it is inspired by the clean lines of Swiss passports. With a strong, minimalist character, this notebook boasts a simple, timeless design. The dark shades of the 849 notebooks are enhanced by touches of colour on their cover recalling the original pop colours of the legendary ballpoint pens and new fountain pens in the collection.

192 lined pages with 5mm ruling

8 booklets in different colours, each with different coloured rulings. The final booklet contains 12 detachable sheets.

PENS NOT INCLUDED with these notebooks, although they are designed to close properly with the help of a pen - obviously the Caran d'Ache 849 pens work the best here.


We were surprised to hear that some of our enthusiasts were unaware that we buy and sell Pre-Loved Pens.

This is a significant part of our business. The products are so popular that we are forever caught without stock! Products are often bought and listed and then sold the same day.

We buy from deceased estates, collectors who are scaling down or diversifying and people who simply decide the cash could be better utilised elsewhere.

We are pretty fussy though......

We only deal in spotless, immaculate and impeccable pieces with boxes and documentation in place. We only deal in the high-end Brands.

Prices realised are traditionally 40 to 50% of the brand new retail pricing.

Cross Fountain Pens in other nib sizes

Traditionally, the South African market has only been able to enjoy Cross Fountain Pens with a Medium Nib, whilst the rest of the world has a wider range of choice.

We are happy to announce that we have ordered certain ranges with Fine nibs (expected shortly) and we are able to change many models to a different nib once an order is placed on us. 

Please enquire if you have a preference other than a Medium Nib before ordering.

Weekly Special

As from Wednesday 14th October, we will be running a weekly special, where we offer a single item at a greatly-reduced price. We will operate under a first-come, first-served basis and there will only be the one item, so it's 'fastest fingers first'. Please be on the lookout for this - every Wednesday.

Weekend Special

Don't forget to be on the lookout for our Managers' Specials on a few hand-selected items one weekend every month. It's a random weekend, so keep checking. Who knows when it will be - maybe this weekend?


Pargo Nation-wide Deliveries

Customers may not all be aware of Pargo, which offers a flat rate cost-effective delivery service (R75), especially to remote areas and smaller towns in outlying areas, which often attract higher shipping charges.

Pargo is a smart logistics company that solves the challenges of last-mile distribution. They allow consumers, companies and couriers to send and receive parcels at Pargo points located at convenient retail stores across Southern Africa:

75% of the population in sub-saharan Africa live and work in areas that have limited access to goods and services. These areas include informal settlements and rural areas, which often lack proper residential addresses and are challenging and expensive to service by couriers. High security housing estates, large office buildings and universities are other examples of areas where a courier delivery is almost impossible. Additionally, people have a busy lifestyle and don’t have someone at home to send or receive parcels on their behalf all the time, leading to missed deliveries and disappointment.

That's all for now friends. Thank you for your attention and remember, always

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