The dot painting technique is blowing up all over Pinterest and Instagram and it's only growing more and...
110gsm 50 sheet/120 pages. Acid free quality drawing cartridge Portrait (long side) spiral bound Black
The cutter is a rolling razor blade used to cut fabrics into shapes, strips and pieces for sewing,...
Affordable, Black Large Plastic... Poster Tube is made of a very rigid plastic  Extendable
Pro-Art Blending Paper Stumps are high-quality, double-ended blending stumps made of soft, grey paper felt. It is specially made...
 PRO Acrylic Paint is developed for students to artists that need PRO quality at outstanding value. 12ml tubes.
A range of economically priced plastic palettes in a variety of shapes.Suitable for all acrylic and water based paints and mediums.
Watercolour Pad - A3 -10 Sheets - 300gsm 
 Smooth drawing paper. 110gsm. 40 Sheets. Size. Choose an option, A2, A3, A4. 
Smooth drawing paper. 120gsm. 20 Sheets. Size. Choose an option, A2, A3, A4.
R 87.50
Swivel knife is a chisel-edged blade held upright and mounted on a pivot with a saddle for a finger....
 Aluminium handle. Precision cutting. Single blade.
R 24.00
Set of 3 templates for drawing, drafting, design and drawing lines for sewing curves. These templates are made...
Colour Shapers are an alternative to painting knives when working impasto. Use them to build brushstroke-free glaze layers or strokes...
R 77.80
These nut and bolt templates have a high rate transparency allowing you to see the drawing medium below the template for easy...
R 67.50
Various Circle Sizes to cater for all your drawing, draughting, architectural and crafty needs.
R 101.50
The  Large Series Ellipse Template Set is a handy and versatile drawing tool for crafting, technical drawing, and...
Three ply PVC "self-healing" cutting mat protects work area and provides smooth, clean cuts.
Multipurpose spray adhesive. Works on variety of surfaces. Ideal for arts & crafts. Acid free.
Ideal for the artist looking for products that perform under rigorous use and provide rich, high quality results. L
Contains high-quality watercolour paints in 12ml tubes that have vivid colour intensity, brilliant & transparent colours with superb light ...
 A jointed wooden life-like figure used by artists for life drawing exercises; The advantage is that the manikin can stay...
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