About Us

Applebee is a boutique stationery provider that prides itself on offering a unique and high-quality product selection for both corporate and personal shoppers. Our mission is to delight and excite consumers with colourful, playful, useful, and awesome stationery.

Founded in 1986, Applebee is an owner-operated business that priorities personal relationships and responsiveness. As a small company, we can quickly adapt to new trends, make prompt decisions, and provide emergency supplies. When you interact with us, you are dealing directly with the owners, who are passionate about stationery, art, and fine writing.

While we strive to offer fair and reasonable pricing, we do not compete on price alone, nor do we seek to cater to everyone. Our focus is on delivering unique and high-quality products that excite the senses and evoke nostalgic memories.

Our products are selectively sourced and not readily available in stores. We cherish the moments of joy and wonder that stationery can bring, from the smell of pencil shavings to the feel of newly-covered books. At Applebee, we strive to create an experience that brings back the simpler, slower pace of life and fosters connections with like-minded individuals.