At Applebee we pride ourselves in providing a wide selection of good quality, unique stationery to both corporate and personal shoppers. We strive to find the kind of stationery which excites and delights the consumer. The more colourful, playful, useful and awesome the stationery, the more excited we get about selling it, and hopefully the more excited you get about buying it!

On this site we list some of the brand names of our favourite supplies, but we do suggest that you pop in for a visit to our separate retail store, as the range is more than one can describe in a few words, and one can easily compare products and brands when they are physically in front of you. However, please be aware that pricing is higher for products in the physical store, as opposed to online, since the online store does not have to cover as many high costs that one encounters in a retail store environment.

Applebee is owner-run and managed by Barry and June Lategan, who have been hands-on since 1986. Personal relationships is what we are all about.

Keeping the Company small, means we can react quickly to new trends, we can make decisions immediately, and jump in our vehicles to drop off supplies in an emergency. When you talk to us, you are dealing with the owners, not ill-informed and uninspired staff.

Whilst every attempt is made to maintain reasonable and fair pricing, we  are NOT about being the absolute cheapest absolutely every time. Neither do we want to sell to everyone.

We have a passion for stationery, and love dealing with like-minded people.

Our products are not readily available in stores, we seek out the very best, and love to excite the senses!

Remember back to your childhood on your first day at school. Remember the smell of wooden pencil shavings. Remember the first entry in your brand new school book. Remember the feel of the newly covered books (thanks Mom!). That's what we are all about - bringing back the nostalgic memories of when life was slower and less complicated.