New stock of Benu Pens

Benu Pens - New Arrivals!

Just landed! The new Bourbon Pen and four models from the Talisman Range as well as some new Scepter Models.
Benu Fountain Pens
Retro 51 Fountain Pens

They're Back!

The extremely popular Retro 51 Tornado Vintage Metalsmith Rollerball Pens have received new siblings to the family and they are selling fast...
Dee Charles Leather Pen Cases

Handmade in the USA

This exclusive range of pen cases and pouches is truly something to behold. Each piece is unique and ages in it's own fashion, creating a personal collectable item to protect your fine pens.

Remember the Parker 51?

Redesigned, Reimagined and Reintroduced.
New Range of Bottled Inks

Ferris Wheel Press

Available in over 30 distinct colours that spur excitement, creativity, and a feeling of absolute joy every time you write and everytime you gaze on the bottles.

Ferris Wheel Press Fountain Pen Ink

Jelly Bean Blue
Retro 1951 Vintage MetalSmith Limited Editions
The Limited Edition Range of the Retro 51 Tornado Rollerball Pens creates a vintage aged look where each pen develops it's own patina and character.
R 750.00
Benu Euphoria Vodka On the Rocks Fountain Pen
The Vodka on the Rocks fountain pen by BENU is silver and glittery in colour and is a pen that certainly stands out.
R 1,930.00

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Noodler's Ink

Besides their unusual name, Noodler’s inks are best known for their extraordinary range of colors, low cost by volume, and distinctive labels that owner Nathan Tardif uses as a platform for his strongly held political beliefs

Led by a passion for design, stylish stationery and the finer things in life, the Lategan family launched the business that would become Applebee in April 1991. More than 30 years later, Applebee has firmly established itself as the premier destination for cult favourite brands from pen icons like LAMY, Twsbi, Cross, Parker and Wateman to local and international notebook makers like Rhodia, Turnowsky, Oxford, Moleskine and more.