Dazzling Radiance: Unveiling the Magic of Shimmering Inks for Fountain Pens

Greetings, ink aficionados!

Today, we embark on a captivating journey into the enchanting realm of shimmer inks. These magnificent elixirs infuse your writing with a touch of opulence. However, like any splendid endeavor, they require some careful preparation.

Let's begin!

  1. Selecting the Perfect Pen: Not all fountain pens are created equal, particularly when it comes to shimmer inks. You'll need a pen that allows for easy disassembly, featuring a removable nib and feed for effortless cleaning. The Lamy Safari, TWSBI Eco, and Pilot Metropolitan are excellent choices. These pens are akin to versatile multitools, ensuring reliability and hassle-free maintenance.
  2. Illuminate the Brilliance: To truly showcase the splendour of shimmer ink, a broad nib and generous ink flow are paramount. Think of it as a dance floor—ample space allows your shimmer to elegantly waltz. Pilot Parallels and any of our pens with a Broad Nib option make splendid dance partners for your shimmering journey.
  3. Gentle Swirls, No Shaking! Now, let's delve into the ink itself. When it's time to ink up, resist the urge to vigorously shake the bottle like a maraca. Instead, gently rotate it to evenly distribute the shimmer. Shaking creates pesky air bubbles, which can disrupt the ink flow and dampen the festivities.
  4. Embrace the Ink's Spirit: Once your pen is filled, make it a daily companion. Shimmer inks revel in the spotlight, so regular use keeps the ink flowing smoothly. Allowing the ink to dry out within your pen can lead to troublesome clogs.
  5. A Flair for Cleanliness: If you anticipate not using your pen for a few days or if it has been a week since your last cleaning, give it a thorough flush. This ensures uninterrupted ink flow and prevents any potential buildup.
  6. Meticulous Maintenance: When it comes to cleaning, disassemble your pen entirely and employ warm, clean water. For stubborn remnants, a drop of mild dishwashing liquid in a glass of warm (not hot) water can be beneficial. Feel free to soak it overnight if needed. Remember, patience is key when dealing with the captivating nature of shimmer inks.
  7. Shimmer-Focused Territories: Lastly, if possible, designate specific pens for shimmer inks and separate ones for non-shimmer inks. Despite thorough cleaning, there might still be a few lingering specks of shimmer that can intermingle with your subsequent ink, resulting in unexpected outcomes. While they might be intriguing, it's advisable to avoid surprises when signing important documents like mortgages!

Remember, utilising shimmer inks should be as enjoyable as the inks themselves. Embrace experimentation and, above all, relish the artistic process. Life is too short for mundane inks! And if anyone dares to criticise your shimmer-infused ink, it's best to part ways. Surround yourself with positivity! May your writing be filled with radiant brilliance and your words forever shimmer!

* This blog was inspired by information supplied from our friends and colleagues at Van Dieman's Ink.

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