Entry-Level Fountain Pens - Pilot Midrange/Metropolitan (MR)

Need something a little classier and more luxurious, when the entry-level disposable Pilot V-pen no longer scratches the itch?

Pilot Metropolitan MR Fountain Pen

Pilot's answer to affordable fountain pen new adventures.


Modern and refillable, the Pilot Metropolitan, often referred to as the "MR" (as in 'EM Are' - not Mister), and 'penned' (see what I did there?) the MidRange in some markets, delivers exceptional smooth writing combined with a refined style.

Packaged in an elegant giftbox, the only choice is a Medium Nib which some find a little annoying, but the flow is just perfect in this size.

Various colour design options are available with matching funky names - all with stainless steel accents, catering for the young, adventurous, 'arty' types out there, but the black and silver choices would look perfectly at home in any boardroom.

This model consistently tops lists for the best beginner fountain pen, firstly for its accessible price point, secondly for its reliability and thirdly, for its ease of replacement if lost, but fancy enough for formal occasions.


The barrel is of brass, which gives the pen a nice balance and weight.

For those who are not yet true purists, the same colours and designs can be obtained in the Ballpoint and Rollerball Pens, creating an interesting and varied view when eyeing a friends' pencil case.

The pen comes with one Pilot IC-DIN Ink Cartridge in blue ink (otherwise known as the Universal or International Standard Cartridge).


The nib is interesting for a pen in this price range.

Is this the best entry-level fountain pen?

I don't believe it is, but it's close. Nice enough to warrant having at least one in your collection.

Choose one here:


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