Faber-Castell Hexo Ballpoint Pen

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Hexo is the new tool that lets ideas grow. A special companion, as individual as we are: with its hexagonal shape and feel, it brings entirely new perspectives into creative writing, sketching and drafting. It is made in Europe and available in black, silver and rose. Extremely light-weight makes for comfortable extended writing assisted by the comfortable hexagonal grip.


The six-sided Hexo is made of anodised aluminium, meaning the aluminium is treated to form a protective outer layer of oxide. So the lightweight pen is even more robust to deal with everything you encounter in your creative writing process. 

Product details

  • Hexagonal barrel made of anodised aluminium
  • Spring-loaded clip made of metal
  • Equipped with twist mechanism
  • Fitted with a black large-capacity refill
  • Line width B