Faber-Castell TK 4600 2MM Clutch Pencil

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Refillable clutch pencil for writing, drawing and sketching. Clutch mechanism grips lead firmly. End-cap contains built in sharpener for 2mm leads.

The classic, reliable and familiar pencil for artists and technicians from Faber-Castell: TK Clutch Pencil 4600.Equipped with clip and ergonomic finger grooves. The powerful jaws grip the lead firmly. The end cap comes with a sharpener inside . The TK 4600 clutch pencil has a slender and even shaft with its balance point oriented towards the tip. Fitted with grade of hardness HB. Refillable with 11 different grades of hardness. Lead diameter: 2mm.
  • Clutch pencil for writing, drawing and sketching
  • Hexagonal barrel with ergonomic round grip
  • Rugged engineering
  • Strong clutch holds the lead firmly
  • Pocket size: 151 mm
  • Lead sharpener in push-button
  • With TK 9071 lead HB, diameter 2 mm
  • Refill with TK 9071 leads in 11 grades of hardness (6H-3B)

Faber-Castell TK 4600 2MM Clutch Pencil